About Karnage Construction

Karnage Construction LLC is a Class A Licensed and Insured Contractor in Virginia. Karnage Construction holds general liability as well as worker’s compensation insurance. Karnage Construction is owned and operated by Mo Karnage who holds the contractor’s license.

Mo has experience working as a GC for affordable housing projects, historic tax credit projects, non profits, and million dollar homes. Mo wants the end project to work for the customer, and their wide variety of experience helps make that possible.

Karnage Construction started off specializing in windows, they were (and still are) our bread and butter. Other contractors do windows sometimes, but we do windows all of the time, allowing us greater expertise on all aspects of their renovation. Windows are our passion, and we believe it shows.

General contractor services we offer include: additions, decks, porches, renovations, restorations, kitchens, bathrooms, fences, painting, window and door restoration, framing, trim carpentry, cabinets, new construction single family homes and more.

Our ‘Butch for Hire’ branch is aimed at serving clients with smaller projects that can be billed hourly as handythem work, or a la cart options with fixed prices like gutter cleaning. We have a set up so clients can self-book appointments for different tasks including cleaning, painting, moving, junk removal, carpentry, odd jobs, demo and more!

Our ‘Bro Your House Is Old’ branch is aimed at educating the general population about home maintenance and construction. We do this via workshops held on a variety of topics. We have Home Maintenance 101, Historic Home Maintenance 101, Living in a Structure (aimed at youth), Construction 101 and will be offering more and more specialized courses as we develop. Some instances of workshops will be aimed at the LGBTQ community and women, to help folks who are underrepresented in construction access info and skills and get empowered. Workshops will be available for a fee, some for sliding scale, and some hopefully for free in collaboration with non profit organizations that we support.

We are local and highly connected to our community. Our reputation matters to us, because we have family, friends, and our business network right here in the Richmond area. We source as many of our products from other local businesses as we can, to keep the money with good people we can trust. We strive to be good people that you can trust as well. Mo participates as a member of the Junior Board of Historic Richmond, as well as board member for the Richmond LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce. Karnage Construction is a member of the Richmond LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, the Window Preservation Alliance, and the Preservation Trades Network.

We are a small business. We are Small, Micro and Women owned certified in terms of being a SWaM business through the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprises. For government entities, that means we are eligible to work for you. For others, what this means is we have much lower overhead than many of our competitors. Keeping it small keeps out the bureaucracy, for which clients end up footing the bill.

We are proudly queer and nonbinary owned, and we hire LGBTQ folks, creating career opportunities that are far too rare in the construction industry. We are also very familiar with the stress, fear, and frustration that many women, lgbtq and poc people may feel when engaging with contractors and construction workers. We love being available to provide a safe option that won’t mansplain, be homophobic or transphobic or sexist or racist. We understand that when you need someone to come work on your home it is important for you to feel comfortable around them.

We pay a living wage to our employees and provide paid sick leave as well as paid holidays. We believe that there is no point in existing as a business if we are exploiting people.

There are many other reasons to consider Karnage Construction for your home, addition, renovation, deck, window repair, or full historic renovation of a gorgeous old home. We treat our clients, and our jobsites, with respect. Hopefully you appreciate that.