Just to be clear about what you are getting with Karnage Construction, we are a Class A Licensed contractor, you can look us up on the VA DPOR website. We have general insurance which we can provide a certificate of insurance for specific to your job site. We also have workman’s compensation insurance, which we know a lot of commercial jobs want to see. We are also SWAM certified as woman owned, small, and micro. Let us know if you have historic window work, project management, porches and decks, historic tax projects, etc. that we can look at for you!


We love doing old wooden windows. And you will love the final product. Send us an email to get on the schedule for your window restoration!

Thanks Lansing!

Can you spot the Karnage Construction team in this picture? Hint: we do not wear khakis or uniforms. Very grateful to @lansing_bp for holding this event yesterday. It was a great chance to learn about new products, make connections, and the free lunch didn’t hurt. We appreciate what our Ashland Lansing does for us as contractors!

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A Monumental Lawn Gala

Excited to be a *small* sponsor of this upcoming event which supports @historicrva ‘s mission! We love the #historicpreservation community and appreciate their hard work! Buy tickets online and come out to learn more about what Historic Richmond does!!! Tickets here

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Butch For Hire

Recent Decks and Pergolas

Here are some examples of the high quality decks, porches and pergolas our crew can build. If you are looking for precision, quality materials, and unique design reach out. We have build decks and pergolas around pools. Working with our masons and block work installers can leave you with a stunning backyard.

Replace old vinyl ceilings with wood, PVC, or Hardie plank products for a classy and long lasting feature of your outdoor area. Paired with outdoor fans, lighting, sound systems and grills, turn your home into a haven.

We can build railings to suit your style, from traditional wooden to modern cattle panel or wire.

Let us guide you through your deck material selections. We excel at pressure treated, various brands and colors of composite, and high end woods like Ipe.

If you need respite from the bugs, we can build you a screened porch, or restore an existing one.

We also work with clients to develop nice looking and useful ways to enclose the undersides of their porches. Whether that be lattice or horizontal boards or something else, we can help you keep critters (and kids) out, and make that space lockable and useful for keeping items like lawn mowers in.

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Starting the Process

Deciding to start any type of construction project can be a doozy. At Karnage Construction, Mo is here to hold your hand (consensually of course) throughout the process. Part of what Mo does is to educate our customers.

I am a Class A Licensed and insured contractor, and licensed to do anything from home repairs/remodels to a brand new house! I can get permits when needed for projects. I excel at project management, and can get you a price for your entire project using subcontractors I trust.

To save us all time and money, here are some questions it is useful to have some answers for before Mo shows up at your house

Please answer any of the following questions that apply to your project!

I may already have some of this from you but I would like to have all the information in my gmail account so it is easier to keep track. Just copy and paste this with your answers into an email if you can!

Your name:

Your pronouns:

Your phone number:

Address of the work:

Billing address:

Email address:

Is this repair/remodel work or new construction like a whole house or addition?

Do you have building plans drawn up for the project? If not, I can work with you on that, but that is definitely a task that takes time and money. If I am going to be drawing you plans and getting them engineer approved, we will need a contract for that work separate from the actual constructing work.

If we are talking about a new building or an addition, do you have a plat of your property? Do you have the zoning information? All of that upfront makes me cheaper!

What are you looking to have done?

How old is your house?

Are you aware of any hazards in your house- lead paint, asbestos, aggressive trolls, etc.

Do you have material specifications in mind?

For instance, you want to use hardie plank siding, you want a wooden porch ceiling, paint colors, composite or pressure treated deck boards, a specific model of bathtub, etc.

If not, please think about these before I come out! I don’t mind providing options and helping folks choose, but it takes a lot of my time to supply that information to you. At the end of the day, it’s your project not mine, so think about what you want. I will always let you know of any drawbacks I am aware of for various products.

Do you have a timeline on when you need this work completed?

Is this work located in a historic district or are you doing a historic tax credit project?

Anything else you think I should know?

I prefer to do my bids on Mondays, Tuesdays or Fridays if possible. Please let me know of some times or dates that would work for you?

Please send this information to Karnageconstruction @


Mo Karnage (804) 300-0023

Need a Translator?

I speak fluent redneck, and construction, and am available to manage your project for you, to keep you informed and respected throughout the process.

Butch For Hire

Need manual labor done around your home or business? Something more than you want to do but less than a full construction job? Welp, I have a program for that.