Mo Karnage – Captain and Owner and Licensed Contractor. Weirdo. Nonbinary and Queer. Vegan for over 20 years really likes snacks. Has one smol child. They them pronouns. Believes looking professional is a whole bunch of nonsense, see above. Been in business and licensed since 2014. Born with sawdust in their blood. Experienced in construction by birth. Herbalist witch too in rare free time. Runner, weightlifter, rockclimber, Anarcho redneck.

Peter -Carpenter – Meet Peter (they/them)! New to the industry professionally, Peter has spent over twenty years as an avid DIYer doing everything from building half-pipes to rebuilding engines. Born and raised in Virginia, they have always considered Richmond home, and their love for the city runs deep. When not being paid to be covered in sawdust, you can find them being covered in sawdust recreationally or spending time outdoors with their partner Elizabeth, their two kids, and their pets: a black lab named Opal and a cat named Toe.

David – Lead Carpenter/Window Restorer.

Mandy – just a nugget

Julian- jokes on them

Avry got their wings! Avry is our shop wizard. They keep us moving forward even when most of us are in the field. Avry does a good bit of work on historic doors and windows that we refurbish, custom cabinets and built ins, and has an excellent eye for detail. When not working on #karnageconstruction projects, Avry is a #foamsmith making foam swords and weapons for sale and also is a talented #vanconversion creative. If you have tiny home or vehicle conversion needs, well, we’ve got the innovative @avryduckworth and if you need to hit your friends in a loving way, well we have your #friendlyneighborhoodfoamsmith