How Far Out Are We, You Ask

We get asked a lot, how far out we are scheduling work. So here is an update as of 2/8/2023

We are fully booked for work for February for current clients, and March is filling up fast!
Right now, it is likely to be 2-3 weeks from contact that I will be able to schedule the bid, and once we agree on a work scope and cost we can set a start date.

Then, the type of work that it is will determine how fast we can get it in the schedule. Additions, big remodels, and new construction needing permits will be constrained by the permit process in that jurisdiction. Some projects also might involve materials with long wait times- for instance 12 weeks for cabinets of certain types etc. We want you to get the house you want, so planning ahead helps make that work!

We still do our best to help people who have urgent situations, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for last minute things. If we can make it happen we will.

Weather also affects what we can do, so sometimes things shift and we are able to hop on some inside work sooner than expected if the other work is being postponed due to rain.

We are definitely taking new clients, and excited to work with awesome people on their projects. We just want to make sure y’all know realistic timelines so we can start the process soon enough to hopefully get it finished when you want.

We are also strategizing on increasing our capacity in a sustainable way and have 3 new employees in February alone!
Thanks y’all we are so excited for 2023 and helping great people improve their buildings!

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