Historic Window Restoration

Historic Window Restoration Services

Here are our a la carte prices for window restoration work. You can self book these services on our booking website. We of course, withhold the right to alter prices based on conditions in the field, location, etc.

Historic Window Restoration Booking

Window Glass Replacement – If you have broken single pane glass in a window sash, we can replace that! Pricing depends on size of the glass, and difficulty of access. We use 1/8th inch double strength clear glass. If you need tempered glass for certain locations, lead times on getting it can be weeks and weeks, so plan ahead. This appointment would be for someone to come and measure the glass size that you need, then we will email you the next day with the price for the glass replacement. If you are interested in using old wavy glass, we can also source that for you, it does tend to be more expensive. $50.00 for appointment where we come and measure.

Spot Glazing- Where we leave the windows in situ and remove glazing puddy that is lose and crumbly and can be removed without the type of force that would likely result in us breaking glass. We then install new glazing puddy. This is a budget friendly solution that works well for windows that we can easily access from the outside, and where the sashes are otherwise in good condition (not rotten,etc) $50 an hour

Cover with Lexan- If you want a somewhat temporary solution, or have unique needs, we can custom cut clear Lexan to cover the window from the outside. Lexan is like plexiglass but doesn’t yellow as much and we have installed it in places where folks are worried about vandalism, to prevent things like thrown rocks from breaking glass. We add drain holes at the bottom to allow water to escape. Cost depends on window size and thickness and type of Lexan desired. $50 for an appointment where we come and measure and then we will email you the next day with a price for the lexan install.

Mechanical Restoration – We will rehang your wooden double hung windows. We will remove the lower sash, clean it, clean the pulleys of paint that may be making them inoperable, install new ropes on the existing weights, and caulk the sash bead where we had to remove it once it is back in place. This price is per window. You can add additional variations like, also rehanging the upper sash, installing new metal interlocking weatherstripping, etc.Upcharges that may occur include but are not limited to: pulleys being irreparably broken and needing to be replaced, window weights missing, elevator doors needing replacement, sash bead or parting bead being so damaged they break and need replacement. We do our best to not nickel and dime folks, and are able to just take care of these issues sometimes, but other times it is too many and we have to invoice for our costs. $450 per window

Mechanical and Cosmetic Restoration – Window Mechanical and Cosmetic Restoration involves us removing both sashes from the window frame and then boarding up the window with plywood/plastic/tape. We then take the sashes to our shop where they are stripped of paint, have glazing removed, glass cleaned and installed with new glazing, primed and painted. We then return the sashes to the jobsite, reinstall them with a fixed upper sash and a rehung lower sash, with the pulleys lubricated, and new ropes installed using existing weights. This is the price per window, for one paint color. $1000 per window, possibly less depending on number of lights and if we can do a bunch at once.

Window Sill Repair/Replace – We will come and repair or replace as appropriate an exterior wooden window sill on a window up to 48 inches wide. If repair is advise able we will use liquid epoxy followed by solid epoxy filler to repair the sill, sand and plane it as needed to ensure a good slope away from the house, prime (backprime too), caulk the edges, and repaint the top coat color of the clients choice. For sills beyond repair, we will fabricate a new sill out of fir wood, and then do all of the steps above. $500 per sill